I just got vaccinated in QC and received my vaccination card. I’m impressed at how fast and organized the vaccine roll-out here in the Philippines has been. Because compared to other countries, like New Zealand or Australia, the Philippines has vaccinated more people.

Anyway, that’s not really the point of this post. My point is, why do each LGU/city have their own vaccination cards? Why didn’t the government come up with a universal vaccination card that will easily reflect the country of origin of the person vaccinated? 

Isn’t that common sense? Or is it true when they say that common sense is not common after all?

I mean, with my vaccination card, do I need to explain to immigration officers that Quezon City is one of the cities in the Philippines, blah, blah, blah. Will they question the validity of my vaccination card? I’m scared to find out.

Vaccine passports are what everyone’s talking about these days. Can’t our government be forward-thinkers and start planning for that as well? Sadly, no. And I don’t think Philippines will be able to catch up.

Then again, given how the government is handling the pandemic, this should not come as a surprise. Instead of being proactive, the government has been consistently reactive and with no proper planning. Just look back at the #lugawisessential incident that went viral or the different names for quarantine status of NCR. Those were clear proof of how disorganized the government has been when it comes to dealing with the pandemic.