By definition, online subcontracting is the practice of assigning part of the obligations and tasks under a contract to another party known as a subcontractor or freelancer. In simple terms, it’s applying for a freelance job and hiring someone else to do the job at a fraction of the pay. So in essence, you still earn money while someone else does the job.

If you have been a freelancer for quite a while and have been successful in getting clients on a regular basis, online subcontracting is something that you can do. With this, you can continuously expand your client network and increase your earnings. Those are the PROS and here are the CONS in subcontracting:

1) the quality of work is out of your hands

2) freelancers can easily ghost you and not reply to your messages

3) freelancers can decline the project if they want to

4) the information you’re sharing with freelancers can be put at risk

5) freelancers sometimes take their time to reply to your messages

If you manage to pool quality and reliable freelancers, then online subcontracting is a good business opportunity for you. I’ve considered it before but given all the CONS, I decided that it’s not worth it.

And there’s a story behind it —

I accidentally did online subcontracting before. I applied for a freelance job, one that I thought I could do but turned out, hard coding was needed. Since I already accepted the offer, I had to finish the project no matter what it takes. So I immediately looked for web developer freelancers in LinkedIn and Upwork, and luckily, I was able to hire one within a day. For this specific project, I was getting paid $25/hour and the freelancer asked for $12/hour, so I still made $13/hour.

The project was completed without a hitch. However, it was stressful for me because I wasn’t sure if he could finish the job on time and coordinating between the client and the freelancer was exhausting. Safe to say, I never did it again.

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