Since I’m applying for a resident visa, a medical certificate with DOH and DFA authentication is required. Not a lot of clinics or hospitals do this. Not even the big, commercial hospitals. What you should look for are those that offer OFW packages, however, clinics like these sometimes go through an agency.

My visa processing is not handled by an agency, I do everything myself so I have to search for a clinic that can provide me with the above-mentioned medical certificate. Fortunately, after an endless search in Google, I was able to find one. 

The clinic is named Angelus Medical Clinic, Inc. (ACMI), located in Makati City. You can search for it on Google Maps, it’s very easy to locate.

They currently don’t accept walk-ins and you can only book an appointment via email a week before your planned visit. If you plan to have a medical appointment on July 15th, for instance, then you should send an email to schedule an appointment on July 8th. You can’t email more than a week in advance because they won’t entertain you. They are also slow in responding so keep sending an email day after day until you receive a reply, and if that doesn’t work, call them.

In your email, don’t forget to include the following details:

  • Full name (including middle name):
  • Birth date:
  • Mobile #:
  • Email subject line: Medical appointment for [state the country and the type of visa you’re applying for]

Once you are scheduled for an appointment, you will receive a separate email with the subject line: AMCI Pre-registration with attached PDF file of your appointment/referral form, plus an applicant guide for your reference.

Important things to remember:

  • Make sure to print your application/referral form (NO PRINTOUT, NO ENTRY)
  • Also print the email containing your appointment form for reference
  • A photocopy of your valid passport is required
  • It is also a MUST that you bring your own pen
  • Wear a white or light gray plain shirt (NO PRINT) for X-RAY. If you’re not wearing one, you won’t be able to get an X-RAY
  • Don’t forget to fast 10 hours before your appointment time. You can only eat or drink once they’ve taken a blood sample
  • Bring water and food because it was hard to take the psychology exam when you’re hungry and thirsty
  • Make sure that you read, understand and follow the APPLICANT GUIDE before your appointment date. No need to print the applicant guide.

On the day, you are advised to arrive an hour before your appointment time. I was scheduled for 8am and I arrived at 6:45am. I thought the clinic opens at 7am but when I arrived, they were already accepting medical examiners.

The entire process took 6 hours. I was advised to wait for my X-RAY result just to be sure that the results were good so I won’t have to come back and repeat the X-RAY. I waited for 2 hours, no complaints though because I was able to have lunch whilst waiting. There was also a psychology test that took an hour to finish. It was mostly personality and logic tests.

For the cost, I paid 4,000php total. It should only be 3,550php but I requested an extra copy of my medical certificate with DOH authentication (again, for backup) which cost 450php.

Results would take 1-2 days plus an additional 3-5 days for DOH authentication, so we’re looking at 7 working days maximum. And since I didn’t go through an agency, I have to follow up myself if my medical certificate with DOH authentication is ready for pickup. I am hoping to get it on or before June 30th because my DFA Authentication is scheduled on July 1st. Cutting it close, I know.

I called the following day to ask if my medical results are already available. They said yes, the results indicate that I’m fit to work, and that my papers are already in transit to DOH. So far, so good.

Since I have a tight schedule, I really have to be persistent with my follow-ups.

I called again 2 days after just to check and they advised me that my papers are still in DOH. Makes sense because DOH processing takes 3-5 working days and it has only been 2 days. Exactly a week after my medical exam, I called again. And this time they said my papers are ready for pick-up.

For reference, here are ACMI’s contact details:

  • Contact #: 0917-5753210 | (632) 8288 7927
  • Email: |
  • Address: 1730 Dian St., Brgy. Palanan, Makati City