Last May, my trip to El Nido was cancelled due to COVID travel restrictions. As much as I hate travel plans getting cancelled, travel restrictions are way out of my control. Good thing, though, everything was refundable. My flight, accommodation, and even my Red Cross swab test.

However, the refund process for my swab test would take months (up to a year) and my other options: 1) rebook it at a later date or 2) transfer my booking to someone else. Since I don’t know anyone who needs a swab test and I don’t want to wait for a year to get my money back, I opted to have my swab test rescheduled. 

I sent an email to the Red Cross support team asking for a rebooking request. The thing is, they would allow rebooking but for 1 time only. Which means, if something gets cancelled again, I won’t be able to rebook my swab test schedule for the 2nd time. Fortunately, there’s no deadline when it comes to rebooking, especially if you don’t have a definite date yet for the new schedule.

To request for a refund, simply send an email to this address – They promptly reply, within a day, almost always. Once you receive a reply, you will be asked to fill out a refund request form.

To request for rebooking, send an email to this address – –  with the following details:

  • Patient Name 
  • Retrieval Code:
  • Order Number:
  • Appointment Number:
  • Date of Original Schedule:
  • New  date and time:
  • Reason:

You can also use this for the subject line – Rebooking request for Booking #______. And if you have a screenshot of your booking confirmation, you may attach that to the email as well.