If you watch Suits then you already know what I’m talking about. Wanting a better life is always a good goal to have. Every day, we show up for work, earn a living so we can create the life that we want and live the life we love.

Perhaps I’m describing the perfect life because realistically speaking, a lot of us live to work. Majority is living from paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet, and the cycle continues until the day we die.

Harvey Specter

I guess I am one of the lucky few. Fortunate to have a good education and to live my life based on my own terms. Not based on any social norms or even my family or friends’ perception. How my life turns out now is all up to me.

Where am I in life?

I have a comfortable life here in Manila, living on my own, and financially stable. What more could I want, right? Well, it’s human nature to always want more and I am not an exception. 

Despite having a comfortable life here, I still want more – to move to another country, somewhere in Europe to be precise. Why? Because I feel that my life here has plateaued and it’s time for me to create memorable experiences, meet new people, learn about different cultures, be fluent in another language, and simply live another life that’s different from what I grew up with.

To explain further, let me share this interesting conversation I had with my gay bestfriend when we were having dinner in BGC —

Whilst waiting for our food to arrive, I randomly said, “I don’t understand myself. Looking at these people, living here in BGC, walking their dogs, and all that – I can have the same life if I want to, I can definitely afford it, but it just doesn’t feel right for me. I’d rather move halfway across the world and start a new chapter of my life elsewhere. Why am I like this?”.

And my friend’s reply took me by surprise, “Because you’re not appreciated here. Because you already experienced how people from other countries treat you which made you realize that you don’t belong here.” 

He was spot on.

If you want a better life, all you have to do is start somewhere. If you need more money, look for ways to earn on the side, cut your expenses, or look for a new job with higher pay. If you feel restless, exercise and meditate. If you feel uninspired, change your environment. And if you want to try new things, just go do it.

Nothing’s holding you back.