I currently live in a condo unit and the ground floor of the building is filled with restaurants, a grocery store, pharmacy, bookstore, and more. Oftentimes, I would order food for takeaway from one of the restaurants since dine-in is still at limited capacity. 

Since I have been aware of my spending habits and want to save as much as I can, I look for ways to cut down on my expenses without sacrificing a lot. In this scenario, instead of going directly to the restaurant to order, I use Foodpanda and use the pickup feature. By doing so, I am able to save 15%-20% of my total order, plus I don’t have to wait until they finish preparing my order. Once I get a notification that my order is ready for pickup, that’s when I go down and go directly to the restaurant. As for the payment, I use GCash, which has been very convenient especially when it comes to cashless transactions.

So if you always order food for takeaway or you happen to be in a mall and thinking of buying food to bring home, I suggest you take advantage of Foodpanda’s pickup feature and save money.