It started last February when I started living on my own again. I don’t mind cooking but if I’m cooking for one, it’s too much effort.

Do I eat out or order food every day? No.

What I did, and still doing up to now, is subscribe to healthy meal plans from Yummy Diet. I subscribe weekly to one of Yummy Diet’s meal plans – the low calorie plan with only 1200 calories to be exact – and order lunch and dinner at 150php per meal. I make my own breakfast (yogurt, berries, granola) and don’t really eat a snack, so lunch and dinner are enough for me. 

To calculate, that’s 300php per day for 5 days a week amounting to 1,500php per week or 6,000php per month. For some, this might seem a lot but since I live alone and I only spend for myself, this is something that I can afford.

Yummy Diet has proven to be convenient for me because I don’t have to think about what to eat every day or spend time cooking and cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. It also saves me money because I normally spend 12,000-15,000php on groceries each month when I used to cook every day. And lastly, given that Yummy Diet specializes in making healthy meals, my calorie, protein, fat, and carbs intake are well-balanced.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot. Not with money, not with time, and definitely, not with your health.