It was October 2020 when I decided to have 2 online jobs and here are 5 reasons WHY:

  1. To have more job security. With remote work, you are not really secured. Your employer can decide one day to terminate your employment effective immediately.
  2. I want to earn more money
  3. Given that I can’t travel because of COVID, I had so much time on my hands which is only wasted watching Netflix
  4. I want to upgrade my skill set and continuously learn about eCommerce and the world of Amazon
  5. I was thinking of quitting my first job at the end of the year so I needed a backup

I was able to find another eCommerce online job through LinkedIn. There are other platforms like FreeUp, Upwork, Online Jobs PH, but LinkedIn has proven itself to be reliable when it comes to job search.

At the end of 2020, the inevitable happened – I quit my first job because it wasn’t a right fit anymore and I wasn’t happy. January 2021, I have one job with good pay, but I already enjoyed earning double of what I was currently earning. So in February, I decided to apply for another eCommerce job and got it. 

This 2nd company is based in the UK which means I need to adapt and learn a new work culture, something I actually enjoy doing, and the timezone is more manageable. Plus, all my colleagues have been amazing so far and I support the company’s mission 100%.

You might ask, “how am I able to get online jobs quickly?”

It all goes down to experience and how I sell myself. I have been working remotely for more than 5 years now and I have been continuously learning new things and upgrading my skill set. It was also good that I took the eCommerce track because, when COVID hit, a lot of businesses were impacted but eCommerce thrived.

Sometimes, even if I’m not sure that I can do the job, I fake it until I make it. Why? Because I know myself, I know that I will find ways to get things done even if it means spending hours from my own time searching Google for answers, reading forums and blogs, etc. There’s so much information available online, I can’t afford to be lazy. Lastly, I always keep my LinkedIn profile updated. By doing so, I regularly get 3-4 messages from recruiters each month asking if I am open to new job opportunities.

If you want to learn more about eCommerce, drop me a message and let’s assess your skills that are relevant to eCommerce. First things first, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is always updated.